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Am I Brushing My Teeth Too Much? | McKinney, Texas 75070

It is strongly recommended by dental professionals to floss daily and brush your teeth for two minutes at least twice a day. It is vital to brush off any plaque build up and maintain good dental hygiene. However, is there such a thing as brushing too much?


What are the consequences?

The enamel is the hard tooth structure that protects your teeth from decay. Brushing for too long and with too much pressure does more harm than good. The excess force can actually contribute to wearing away your enamel and making your teeth weaker and more susceptible to decay. Additionally, excess force and friction from brushing your teeth too hard or too often can lead to gum recession. The fibers holding the gums to the teeth can be damaged and resulting in the appearance that your teeth look longer than they actually are. Additionally, the gum recession leads to root exposure and therefore sensitivity.


What should I do with this information?


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