Are Sodas Good For Your Teeth? | Dentist in McKinney, Texas

Who doesn’t enjoy a cold, bubbly soda from time to time with your meal? However, sodas are one of the most detrimental drinks that you could introduce to your oral health.

Sodas usually contain a good concentration of citrus, sugars, phosphates, and acids. These are all factors that can weaken your teeth and lead to cavities.


How does soda weaken my teeth?

The acidic compounds in sodas can wear down the hard coating protecting your teeth called the enamel. The demineralization of the enamel will result in your teeth being susceptible to bacteria in the mouth, which is especially harmful if you do not brush, floss your teeth, or go to your dental cleanings on a regular basis. The sugar in the sodas coats your teeth, which is what will help the bacteria that are clinging on to your teeth thrive and ultimately result in decay.


What should I do about it?

It is ideal to avoid it all together, however, the best thing to do would be to minimize the amount and frequency that you drink soda. If you do enjoy a soda, make sure to drink water immediately to wash off the excess acid and sugar coating your teeth. It is best to avoid brushing your teeth immediately after drinking as the acid from the soda has weakened the enamel, and therefore the abrasiveness of the brush will contribute to that as well. 

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