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Benefits of Root Canal Therapy for Toothaches and Tooth Pain | McKinney Dentist

One of the most common dental procedures in response to tooth pain is a root canal therapy. A root canal is essentially where the dentist would remove the infection and infected nerve. Once the nerve is removed, the canals that previously held the nerve would be filled with a filling material and the tooth is ultimately capped off with a crown to protect the root canal. 

It may sound like an intimidating process; however, if the tooth is deemed savable by the dentist it is best to save the tooth with the root canal therapy. 


What are the benefits of root canal therapy?

  1. The toothache and pain is relieved. The source of the infection is removed to give you back your happy, healthy, and comfortable smile.
  2. Prevents the spread of infection. An increase of bacterial buildup can eat away at the outside of your tooth and slowly make its way towards the nerve and infect it. Additionally, the bacteria can spread to your neighboring teeth and result in harmful decay.
  3. Preserves your natural tooth, the best tooth you can get. It’s a common misconception that overall you should extract your tooth instead of going through with a root canal. While it is not always the case, it is the best case. That reason being that with a tooth extraction, your jaw bone will begin to resorb and ultimately lead to bone loss. Your natural tooth is the most ideal.


If you are experiencing any dental pain or have any questions regarding root canal therapy, please do not hesitate to call our experienced team at 972-972-8782!


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