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Dr. Winnie Nguyen in McKinney, Texas Recommends Fluoride for All Her Patients!

At one point during your visit to the dentist, you would remember that after your cleaning, there would be an almost gritty film coating your teeth. You most definitely remember the dentist telling you, “Don’t eat or drink for at least 30 minutes!”


What is that stuff on your teeth after your visit to the dentist? It’s called Fluoride!


What is Fluoride?


Your teeth are made up of strong minerals such as calcium, and those help keep your teeth strong! However, when eating cavities causing foods such as soda, candies, and carbs such as noodles, these foods are very acidic and start to strip away the minerals in your teeth. Once the minerals are stripped away from your teeth, it leaves your teeth more vulnerable to cavities and buildup of bacteria. 


Effects of Fluoride

Now that we know what fluoride is, how exactly does it help our teeth? Specifically, the enamel, the outer layer of our teeth...



What to Expect?

The application of fluoride is quick, easy, and PAINLESS. At your appointment, once we polish your teeth, all it takes is  a mere brush of fluoride over the surface of your teeth and we are done! Fluoride is most effective in treating early signs of tooth decay, thus helping stop those cavities in their tracks at your routine dental cleanings!


If you’d like to know more about fluoride, please do not hesitate to ask us during your appointment!

Dr Winnie Nguyen Dentist

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