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How Often Should I Get My Dental Cleaning? | McKinney Dentist 75070

Now that the effects of COVID- 19 are at a slightly more manageable condition, many patients have started to return to get their dental cleanings. It is recommended by the American Dental Association that patients have a professional cleaning done at least two times a year


I brush two times a day and floss every night. Do I still have to come in at least two times a year?

YES! While it is great that patients are maintaining proper oral hygiene techniques at home, it is still important that patients come in for a professional cleaning. The reason is because we all miss spots while flossing and brushing our teeth even if we are implementing good oral hygiene. The dentist has special magnification equipment called loupes that help her have a more up close view of your teeth and see where bacteria and calculus have been building up along the gums.

Additionally, dental offices have professional instruments such as cavitrons and scalers that help remove hard buildup around your teeth. There is a salivary gland near the lower front teeth that results in a lot of mineral buildup. The buildup calcifies over time even with regular brushing and flossing and becomes difficult to remove with a toothbrush or floss alone. These instruments are able to vibrate off the hard calculus and prevent bacteria from growing in the deep pockets of the gum and ultimately resulting in periodontal disease or gum disease.

Going to the dentist frequently helps flush out the bacteria from your gums and re-infecting your gum pockets. If we go a long time froma cleaning the plaque buildup will harden and cities will start to form.


Be proactive with your oral health and visit us at Ridge Commons Family Dentistry today. If you have and questions, please call our office at 972-972-8782.


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