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Whitening Options at Dental Office in McKinney, Texas | Ridge Commons Family Dentistry

Are you looking for a whiter, brighter smiler? After consulting with Dr. Nguyen or one of our staff members about your interest in whitening, we would be more than happy to help you determine which whitening option is best for you. At Ridge Commons Family Dentistry in McKinney, Texas we offer:

In- House Whitening: This option gives you the fastest result for a whiter, brighter smile. This two to three hour procedure starts with the dental assistant taking record of your initial tooth color and then isolating your teeth by covering up your soft tissue with a protective material. From there, the assistant will place a dental- grade concentration of the whitening solution onto your teeth. The solution is then activated under a UV light for 15 minutes. There are up to four sessions with reapplication of the solution in between. Patients do not have to undergo all four sessions, however, going through with all four sessions result in better whitening results. A few things to note is that patients may experience a little bit of sensitivity due to the whitening solution, which is normal. Another is that after the whitening session, patients should avoid color inducing foods such as wine, tomato sauce, etc. The assistant will then record your final tooth shade and show you a side by side comparison of the results!

This option also includes our take home trays where we take an impression of your mouth to make custom whitening trays to maintain the whitening results. We will also send you home with a syringe of whitening solution as well. 


Take Home Trays: This option is more on the gradual side and per the discretion of the patient. As mentioned before, our take home trays where we take an impression of your mouth to make custom whitening trays that you would apply a pea-sized drop of the whitening solution that we would also give to you on the teeth in your smile line. Ideally, patients would apply the solution daily over a period of time. The best part is that if you are experiencing sensitivity, you can skip a day and then continue the next until you are happy with the level of whitening.


In the end, both options should get you to the level of whitening that you desire, it’s more of whether you want to see your results at a more gradual rate or instantly. 

Please give our office a call at 972-972-8782 in regards to pricing and keep an eye out for special promotions!


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