Wisdom Teeth: Friend or Foe? | McKinney, Texas Dentist Recommends

Wisdom teeth: friend or foe? We’ve all seen the funny videos online of patients acting silly after laughing gas while recovering from wisdom teeth extraction. Wisdom teeth are little more complicated than what’s in the eye. How can wisdom teeth impact our oral health?


Over time, the human jaw has evolved to the point where we no longer have uses for the wisdom teeth. More often than not, wisdom teeth can result in dental complications. Those that have a jaw that can support all four wisdom teeth without complications are both lucky and rare.


For the most part, these are the potential complications that can result if the wisdom teeth are not extracted…


Overall, most dentists would recommend extracting your wisdom teeth, especially if it is causing you pain. If you are interested in wisdom teeth extraction, please call your local McKinney, Texas based dentist Dr. Huyen Nguyen at  Ridge Commons Family Dentistry (972-972-872). We can get you in and evaluate your wisdom teeth and guide you throughout the rest.


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